We are a professional group dedicated to the teaching and management of art and design in all its manifestations; Our company covers the areas of multimedia, illustration, communication and digital marketing. Our experience has covered universities and academic scenarios in South America and the United States, currently we provide three training branches, transmedia, visual design and digital marketing lines to several targets.





We combine several academic and professional tools, both person to person and virtual strategies in order to offer to our students as many resources as needed. This mixing of learning environments provides skills to reach solutions to the projects proposed in our courses.

With this techniques we can reach diverse targets, such as adults, teens and children; universities, colleges and schools; private and public institutions.




Today, communication demands new ways of reaching audiences, information technologies evolve very quickly, requiring content to be effectively adapted to them. In the area of ‚Äč‚Äčtransmedia, we offer a course that includes audiovisual production, management of social networks, digital marketing strategies and connection with communication channels. For this area we have the leading free software support in the market.



Graphic design includes an infinity of fields, we offer the necessary visual communication basics for a greater impact in the promotional products for different situations, for the academic, professional or amateur areas. Our portfolio has options in drawing, lettering, art and painting, corporate image and digital design.

We also provide both digital, virtual and person to person academic options.