Courses proposed below can be offered both traditional and on-line through Moodle platform. The contents of these classes can be organized according to the particular requirements of the educational institution or client.

Please contact us to send you a customized offer according to your needs.


CREATIVE ILLUSTRATION, The illustrated book.


The illustration brings together concepts of drawing, color, composition and communication; It is used in various print and digital media and is part of the design branches. The tools used within this theme are endless and are defined by the creativity of the artist, paper, collage, inks, pencils, computer software, etc. With a practical workshop we will tackle different techniques of analog and digital illustration to produce a series of graphics and their relationship with a script that can be used in this course to produce an illustrated book. (All audiences)

STOP MOTION, a fun workshop.


Through a practical workshop and using simple tools, a computer and a camera or a Smartphone, we can generate attractive and fun animations in Stop Motion, one of the traditional animation techniques. Combining the principles of animation, a basic story and the participation of hand-made characters or toys, we will generate an animated proposal for children between 8 and 12 years old.




Video editing is a fundamental part of audio visual communication, in this course we will learn the basic concepts of technical script, video formats, editing and publishing using the Adobe Premiere tool; know the concepts of timeline, color, assembly, balance, etc. in order to be able to produce high impact videos for our organizations.




Corporate presentations are challenged to captivate, train and convince very demanding audiences, adequate graphic communication is essential to meet these requirements, today there are several techniques to improve and organize commercial, academic and marketing contents; pictures, texts, illustrations and animations are part of this content. The combined use of different software and an effective search for visual help on the web will allow to cause the impact beyond expectations. Aimed to sales, administrative and academic community.

16 hours / 4 per session.



Using different creative channels and methodologies, this workshop allows to create a transmedia campaign using several strategies. Applying group diverse skills we will have teams for the different proposals, it means a variety of messages going form audiovisual production to radio interviews and artistic work. All the process will be supported by software and development methodologies.




The understanding of perspective is a fundamental principle in the drawing process, it allows to manage the location of the objects in the space, its proportions and projections. The foundation in this matter allows the student to begin to solve complex drawing problems and to understand through the technique an effective recreation of the universe. This course includes the bases for solving problems of perspective to one and two vanishing points and at the same time its practical application.




We write everyday, we write our ideas, our tasks, lists and stories, but beyond writing there is always that relationship with lettering, there is a difference between writing and drawing, but the line that integrates this concepts is lettering, to draw letters, to create fonts, to have a personal sign that identifies ourselves. This course connects you with the basics of lettering and callygraphy, using regular tools such as pens and pencils, let's explore the attractiveness of Lettering. 12 hours course.